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Worst GMs Ever

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Steel Rat
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Worst GMs Ever

Steel Rat
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Actually, these ARE the droids you're looking for...

We;ve all had 'em. The GM who takes the term "master" a bit too literally.

Like the ones who want you to roll a skill check for every mundane function.

Or the Railroad Engineer who absolutely won't let you stray from the story line. 

GM: "It's a three story house. As you enter through the front door..."

Player: "We look for other entrances, a back door, windows, cellar..."

GM: "There aren't any other doors. The windows are all too high for you to reach. And they're barred."

Player: "So it's a three story prison, not a house."

Or the ones Who just want to tell you a story, you're just there to listen and be awestruck.

Any other horror stories out there?

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My worst game ever hands down

My worst game ever hands down was a Star Wars one where the GM (I use the term loosely) failed in every major respect. He was so convinced that his "story" was so amazing that he was so incredible a story teller that we should bask in his greatness. One after another of his big twists I was calling before they happened. When it was obvious that the warehouse was a trap and I didn't want to go in he made the party do it anyway. he made one of his friends a turned Royal Guard. One I not at all conviced that a Imperial Royal Guard would ever defect under any circumstance. Two: giving such  a character (who was also more powerful than everyone else) to his mate stank of favouritism. He was the star, the GM was god and the rest were there to just play to their fantasy. I got kicked from that one when I had enough and told him what I thought of the whole thing. 

Never trust the dice

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