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Dead Reign: Fear the Reaper Review

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Dead Reign: Fear the Reaper Review

One of Palladium Game's newer games is Dead Reign. I have been a little critical of some aspects of Palladium but overall I quite like what they have done with Dead Reign. This is the fourth sourcebook in the Dead Reign series.

    Now you do need to pay attention to what you are getting. So far the Sourcebooks for dead Reign have been small. They are however reasonably priced so its fair, but for people who are used to many of the large Rifts books they may be disappointed if they did not pay attention to its size before ordering. This book clocks in at 48 pages.

    I really like the Dead Reign Core Book. I have not been as happy with the sourcebooks, however that doesn't mean that they are bad, just they they are not filling the need for me as much as I expected. This is largely due to the books being (the ones I have so far) been very region specific. In this case mostly United States. This isn't any anti0American sentiment. Its merely to do with the fact that the game is very good at being a global one and the info would be a little more useful if it covered a larger region base. Now its not impossible for a GM to be able to change some of the info to suit different locations, but it would have been nice to see more variety.

    In the world of the Undead most people fight simply to survive. The Reapers which started as a biker gang have become a large organization that takes the fight to the Zombies. They lay down their lives when needed to save civilians. They believe a future is possible and it will need people of learning and not just warriors like themselves.

    The book covers a couple of important NPC's, safe houses, the way the Reapers operate, motorcycle combat, bike accessories and random tables.

    For what is provided the book is indeed good. The art is typical Palladium so its either a love or hate. But I wish that the book was not so featured on the Reapers. Now I realize thats the purpose of the book but I feel like there would be organizations similar (if not as large) elsewhere in the world. Covering how to make one of these groups or additional game info relating to other countries would give more scope to the game. That being said for around 12.00 this is a good addition to your library.


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