The Vault is Open!

Welcome to the RPVault. We are a collection of gamers who love the hobby and all that it entails. Most of us are figure painters, war gamers and role players. We will be providing a variety of elements on this site.

Firstly we will be doing a ongoing RP Support section. This section will provide ideas and articles for both Game masters and Players. These will for the most part be as open as possible. This is because there are many ways to run and play in games and we feel there are only a couple of hard and fast rules which prevent games being derailed.

Reviews: Between the group we have amassed a collection of books. We intend to sit down and cover as many of these books as possible. The reviews will be a mix of videos and articles.

Our games: We will be posting vids of our games as we play them. Star Wars Age of rebellion, Star Wars edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, 1st ed Dungeon and Dragons and a few more as we get to them. These vids will we hope be entertaining and possibly educational.

Forum: We will be including a forum so that people who are interested in doing so will be able to contact us as well as discuss various aspects of our content. Welcome again to the RPVault

We're still setting things up, so check back in a few days...

Steel Rat
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Actually, these ARE the droids you're looking for...